forty days of skyrim: day forty

And that’s it.

The end of the game? Certainly not. There is no end to the game; no credits ever roll for Skyrim. There’s plenty of meat left in the game-the main quest is just the tip of the iceberg, if you’ll forgive my mixed metaphors. There are five main faction quests (the Companions, the College, the Thieves Guild, the Dark Brotherhood and the Civil War), 16 Daedric quests, nine cities to explore, five houses to buy, a massive map full of locations to discover, and piles of quests to complete. Even after you’ve exhausted every named quest, things still go on, plants still grow, locations respawn, dragons attack*, and NPCs will give you a neverending stream of ‘radiant’ quests, which are almost all something along the lines of ‘go fetch item x from dungeon y’ or ‘go to dungeon y and kill person z’. It’s also not actually possible to do everything in one playthrough, not that Bethesda didn’t try.

*That’s right, dragons keep on randomly spawning and attacking things even after you complete the main quest. Tullius is gonna think I ripped him off.

However, over the past slightly-over-a-month I have demonstrated for you the entire main quest line, with a few sidetrips here and there. And that is good enough for me, quite frankly, for the time being. It is certainly the most I have ever completed of any Elder Scrolls game. And I got my virtual snow.

So there you have it: forty days of Skryim. It kind of got away from me. I said at the beginning that I figured it would just be random things that I came across while playing the game, and instead…well. Granted, not all the updates actually corresponded to the proper day, but you have forty days (more or less), forty updates, what more do you want. Hey, I actually completed something. That is a big accomplishment for me! Maybe I can complete more things in the future.

I hope that, should anyone have been reading it, it was at least somewhat enjoyable for you.

Now my break is over and I have to go back and study actual history and actual language. I don’t think-I certainly don’t hope-that everything’s going to go silent for months like it did the last time I started a semester. I have more ideas for things, and the Doctor Who Odyssey is still waiting. I think I’m going to take a break for a few days though. My fingers are sore.

forty days of skyrim: day thirty-two

Where would one go to hold a peace conference in Skyrim? Where do we go for everything else? (Aside from Whiterun.) High Hrrrothgar, naturally. After all, the Graybeards are pretty much revered by everyone who’s not Delphine, and everyone knows how non-confrontational they are, so High Hrrrrothgar is neutral territory.

First we have to ask Arngeir though.

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