s1 s3: the edge of destruction

Here we are, onĀ  The Edge of Destruction, if you count the year 2013 as ‘destruction’ which, well, why not. But even if you don’t we are still on The Edge of Destruction because that is the serial which we are talking about today. It is only two episodes, very short for early Who, which mostly consists of great big long huge 6-and-7-parters, and I for one am grateful for it.

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s1 s2: the daleks (part two)

Hello! Here you are at long last: the conclusion to The Daleks, and some post-apocalyptic fare to make up for the lack of Armageddon yesterday. And something to break up the monotony of the Skryim posts, if nothing else.

Last time, as you probably remember, I covered the first three episodes of The Daleks so now I’ll be covering the last four, beginning with The Ambush. All the episodes in this story have titles beginning with ‘The-‘. It’s all very neat.

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